September 18, 2010

I started blogging last year because I wanted to be able to share our life with our family far away.  We aren't lucky enough to live next to all those we love, so this was the easiest way to show pictures, stories, and video.  At some point I started to love the writing.  I became obsessed really.  I found something I was really happy doing.

But what i really love about blogging is the community.  Just the other day at my MOPS meeting the table leader asked us "when was the last time you felt a great sense of community".  As they all talked about school, I immediately thought of blogging.  Even though I sit in my office alone most of the time as I write and socialize, I feel as though this has become a great community and support for me.  This is a mom support group of sorts.  We talk out our issues with out kids and get encouraging feedback from others who have gone or are going through the same thing. 

This has become a community that I enjoy.  People I learn so much about I have come to love reading daily.  Thanks to this slightly unconventional mom group!

This is yet another day to follow the promts from SITS. I am desperately hoping to win a washer dryer (Thelma and Louis) from SITS, Westar, Standards of Excellence appliances and Florida Builder Appliances, so I am following their blogging prompts this week.  This is sadly the last one, so back to regular blogging after this!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the community aspect of blogging. It's not what got me started, but it's definitely why I stay.



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