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This is a difficult part for me to write.  I keep trying to perfect this page and keep coming up short.  My name is Carrie, I have two beautiful kids, and the most handsome husband.  My family makes me so incredibly happy I am at a lack for words.  After growing up in Orange County, CA I moved with Andy to Bakersfield where he became a firefighter.  We thought at the time this move would be short term wanting to get closer to our families again.  Our move has since ended up permanent and the distance from our families, although sometimes hard, has made us a stronger family. We have been blessed with the most amazing group of friends who have become like family.  Strong support, like we get from them, make parenting more enjoyable and easier. 

I love children, taking care of kids takes over almost every aspect of my life.  Being a mom to my kids is my first job, but I also have one of the second greatest jobs possible.  I work part time as a pediatric nurse.  I love taking care of kids and promoting health at such valuable time in kids lives.  I really feel that if we improve the health of our kids, we can improve the health of the nation.  

I have always loved writing.  Throughout college I took writing classes to break up the monotony of science classes.  It served as my creative outlet and I had more fun in those classes than my science and nursing courses.  I put down my pen for a while after college but always felt I needed to continue writing in some form.  Finally I started blogging and have found myself a new love in writing.  I am also working on other projects about the health of children and am starting to take writing classes again to improve myself.  

Contact me at cjoykennison@gmail.com


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