My Family

Andy is a captain for the Fire Department.  He loves his job but loves his family more.  He is a great hands on daddy and a wonderful cook.  He is a outdoor guy, who drives a Jeep, hunts, camps and off roads. 

Miss Emily
Em is a girly girl.  Loves to get her nails painted, dress up and play with her dolls.  At now 3 years old she loves tea parties, dancing and art.  She does not go to preschool but will be dancing and having preschool at home. She is shy and quiet but fun loving and silly once she opens up.  She is our little princess!

Mister Will
Will is our little man.  He is such a boy, happy to play with a ball or a truck.  He is easy going and happy almost all the time.  He is a little version af Andy with lighter hair.  He is almost walking but can manage to get anywhere by crawling and climbing.  He is a curious creature, always looking through things and trying to figure things out.  He loves following his sister around and playing where she is.  He is the sweetest little boy.


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