February 26, 2010

Five on Friday

1. This week was full of doctors visits, fevers and medicine. Our poor sweeb babies have had a rough week. Emily had an ear infection and turned out to be allergic to her antibiotic. We are still struggling with the hives. Will has bronchiolitis and possibly a problem with asthma. He has been getting his breathing treatments and it has been helping a lot.

2. We had a great night with the Monges this week. We were all pretty stressed this week with sick kids so some time relaxing with friends was much needed.

3. Andy is, thankfully, only a few days away from his captains test. He has been studying so hard to prep for this, it will be nice to have him back again. Hopefully he does a great job.

4. We are visiting in Orange County today. We spent the evening at my parents with the whole family. It was so great to see everyone. Tomorrow we are going to our niece Maggie's baptism. She is 2 weeks older than Will. Andy gets the honor of being Godfather.

5. Emily is having her first sleepover tonight in the other room with her cousin Elyse. They are having fun talking and giggling. I hope they fall asleep sometime tonight.

That is the sum up of this week. I hope next week I will have more exciting things to talk about. I hope to get some runs in next week. We only have 7 weeks for our march of dimes walk and we are going to run the five miles. I am really starting to crave getting out and running.

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