February 25, 2010

My mommy friends...

This week my family went through a mini crisis. I realized that with all that happens in your life as a parent it is so essential to have some supportive mommy friends near. I have some pretty awesome mommy friends that were so amazing this week.

The first is my "been there" mommy friend. She is awesome to have around because she knows it all through experience. She is there for me to run to when I have silly questions and doesn't make me feel ridiculous for asking. My "been there" mommy friend is patient with me and 100% supportive, she loves my kids like she loves her own.

Another mommy friend I have is the "makes it look easy" mommy. She makes me want to work harder to be a perfect mom. She teaches me how to teach my kids. She manages more in a day than I can hope to. Kids love her because she can be silly and not be embarrassed. She is always prepared to have fun.

My "learn as I go" mommy friend is great too because she asks questions that makes me think about what I do and why. She is relaxed about her parenting and it works.

My other mommy friend that is essential is my own mommy. There is nothing like calling my mom to figure out what to do when I’m overwhelmed or confused. She has done it all and I trust her judgment.

Without these women in my life I don’t know how I would get through week like this one. Whenever I have a crisis in my life I know I will be okay because I have some great support from some amazing women. I love each of you!


  1. Oh! I just started crying!!! :) you know we all love you and your family too! It is so awesome to have a support system! It is a great feeling to know that you have great friends and family that will help you through the toughest of situations and be there to have fun through the easiest ones! One of the reasons that it is so great to have mommy friends is because we all bring something unique to the friendship and we all learn from one another! Our children are blessed to receive love and support from so many great people!

  2. What a great support system you have going on! It's so important to have great mommy friends. It really keeps us focused and gives us a release of some sort without feeling bad because they know how we feel.



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