March 3, 2010

Happy Mommy

I read an article this morning from US News about two ways to become a happier parent.  They asked two questions:
1.  When are you happiest with your kids?
2.  What part of your normal day causes you suffering?

Well suffering seems to me like a bit of an overdramatic statement.  But I will do this exercise anyway, for the fun of it.  They say that if you know when you are happiest you should just spend more time on those activities instead of the unhappy ones, you will then be a happier parent.  So here it goes, I am happiest with my kids most of the day.  I love to cuddle with them in the morning when we first wake up.  I love when we get to go do fun things like story time or play at the park.  I love when they nap because they are adorable when they are sleeping.  I love dinnertime because we have so much fun.  I love bath time because they are so happy, and after we play for a little while in Emily's room.  I love paying attention to them.  As for the suffering.  I hate potty training and changing her diapers.  How can I fix that without doing it?  Now if only the article would have told me that...


  1. Potty training is the worst! For me, getting the kids ready for bedtime is a struggle, especially with Ben being gone. Oh yes, the things we will look back at when they're teens and think they were a piece of cake. :)

  2. To get rid of your suffering, just quit changing diapers. Just be prepared for a whole new list of things that cause you to suffer.



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