March 24, 2010

New Running Shoes

I finally today went and got fitted for a new pair of running shoes. Serioulsy the best shoes for my feet and I am so excited. With this purchase I have a new desire to get outside and keep running. We are still months away from the next marathon but I am hoping to improve my time by quite a bit. So here is my new goal: the entire month of April I am going to wake up before my kids. When Andy is home, I go running. On days he is at work, I will use our elyptical. The next month will be a restart in my running and fitness.

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  1. Yeah Carrie! I am so excited. What time are you planning on getting up and going running? Bagels and Blenders has a running group that meets everyday at 5 a.m. Another nurse from BMH invited me to run with them. She said that run for about an hour...5 miles. We should go! :) You can come and run on my treadmill too silly. Remember we are supposed to switch off. My brother is going to give me his elliptical, so soon I will have a bunch of cardio here at my house. :)



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