April 5, 2010

Breastmilk saves Lives!

I just found this great article this morning.  I have been reading a lot lately about breastfeeding and it advantages for a project I am working on.  This article sums it all up so great.  Breastfeeding is so important for not only our children but for mothers too.  Mom's have such an amazing ability to change the world with little changes in the home, starting with breastfeeding!  We can decrease obesity, diabetes, leukemia and SIDS just by breastfeeding.  Along with the benefits to our children it is so amazing for moms too.  It decreases our chances for cardiovascular disease and cancer.  With all these facts how can anyone say no to breastfeeding?!  As a nurse I will continue to spread the word to our patients to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible.  And at home I still continue to breastfeed my little guy, because its the best thing I can offer him.


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