April 15, 2010

Illness at the Kennison's

I am a pediatric nurse.  I think, most of the time, I'm a pretty good one too.  At work I don't loose my cool when a kid has a high temperature, stops breathing, or has a seizure.  There isn't much I haven't dealt with while on the job.  Here though, in my own home it is all a different story.  I thought asthma was the worst thing in the world when Will was wheezing a couple months ago and I had to torture him with albuterol treatments.  My little fishy was so brave and took it well.  With the worst winter now behind us, I thought it would have taken with it all of its illnesses, fevers and ailments.  I was sadly mistaken.  As soon as I got home from work last night Emily started acting sick, had the shivers and was cold.  We put her to bed with Motrin and a fever of 101.  I checked her twice before I finally went to bed and she was fine.  This morning when we woke up she was at 103 and I haven't gotten it down all day.  Now, I am freaking out.  With a temp of 104.6 things are getting a little too crazy for my home.  Taking her to the doctor in 30 minutes.  It is so funny how all my expertise and training means nothing to me when I am at home.

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  1. Good thoughts and prayers are being sent your way! You are a wonderful and loving mommy and a great, smart, and compassionate nurse! I know that it is so different with our children and that is why it is great to have your mommy friends to help out along the way!



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