April 6, 2010

Magical Kisses

My daughter is a big wuss.  She cries over every little bump or fall.  Will is already tougher than she is.  I wonder sometimes if it is a problem I created by coddling her after she fell when she was a baby, but hey, I was a first time mom then.  With Will I know he will be fine so its no big deal.

So Emily cries.  A lot.  Over small things.  Actually, its fake most of the time.  When she is playing she will even take time out to come over crying to me.  It's a little annoying and yet cute (to, I'm sure, only me).  She is so dramatic about all things, so I wouldn't expect any less from her.

With all the annoying whining though, I get some fulfillment over the kisses I get to give.  Mom's magical kisses that instantly make all boo boos better.  I enjoy that I have the ability to cure all scrapes and bruises and overly dramatic tears.  She makes my heart melt when I kiss her and the tears stop and she runs away saying "all better!"  Now, after all this time of giving magical kisses, she is trying to give them to Will.  She is my little mommy.


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