May 6, 2010

First Hair Cut

We hit another major milestone in Will's short little life.  His first hair cut.  I was a sad, emotional mommy but at the same time I was so happy to get rid of the scruffiness of Will's long hair. 
He was, as always, such a little angel.  He was so cooperative and sweet while he got his hair cut.  Taking after his daddy, he loved his little fire truck. 
He is so handsome now!

This first year is going by so fast.  He is now a couple days away from being 10 months old.  I wish I could slow this down and savor every moment he is this age.  He is so loving, sweet and happy.


  1. Aww...his first haircut! And in a fire truck! :)

    I agree he looks very handsome.

  2. He looks very handsome wiith his new "do"!
    I love those hairdressers with the kiddy seats for toddlers. We got my littlest guy's hair cut in England at one of those places; I'm in New Zealand and we don't have that technology - our trip to the hairdressers involve MUCH crying, snot and tissues :(
    You can imagine it's a fair gap between haircuts?? xx

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest



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