May 14, 2010

First Night Away

My sweet little E.  She has never been away from home except the night Will was born.  I have never in her two years and nine months spent a night (voluntarily) away from her.  So tonight when we went to pick the kids up from our friends house after our date night (gasp- yep we had a night away) they asked if she could spend the night.  I wanted to say no, I thought Andy would say no, but she was having so much fun.  So there she is, sleeping over (tear) at her friends house while I am feeling so sad and lonely without her. 

Okay, so she is really just down the street with my best friend.  I know she is in great hands- (thanks Candice for being willing to keep her around).  I am just so sad at how she is growing up too fast.  But in the morning- when she wakes up and wants her chocolate milk and Clubhouse- I will still be sleeping away.  Now it sounds nice.  


  1. Aww I remember when G spent the night away for the first time. I totally cried! haha Our friends made it so much easier for us and even sent pics of them watching movies, and reading books in bed. Its always so nice to have wonderful friends.

  2. so great to have friends. Stopping by from SITS saturday :)

  3. I remember the first time my oldest stayed over, other then when I was in the hospital...I cried, then when I slept all night and woke fresh and energized, I was happy I let me mom keep him. He's 8 know, and I have three, so mom (g-ma) isn't in to offering sleep over's to much anymore!! :)
    Thanks for stopping by Organized Chaos!!
    Blessings, Monica

  4. I understand how you feel but enjoy it momma. I am now following from Mom Loop Friday follow

  5. Stopping by from Mom loop. Your newest follower. =) Stop by when you have a chance:

  6. awe its so sad when they start spending the night off. im follwoing from a blogfrog blog hop



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