May 25, 2010

Mommy and Me- Tuesday

My Mommy and Me activity this week is a day late due to another shift at the hospital. But we got to do  something fun today! Today I am writing from the Happiest Place on Earth! That's right, I'm still here and blogging. Waiting for the kids to go on a ride while my little one is napping in the stroller like a little angel.

So, just a two and a half hour drive (and hopefully a quick nap for the kids) we can make it to Disneyland! I know, it seems like a lot of work and driving for a day, but I think completely worth it! Passes are a must, as we could do this every few weeks if the husband would let me! There is plenty for the kids to do (obviously) and it's so fun watching them be so happy! There is so many great facilities for young families. The best of which is the baby care center. This is a little quiet spot at the end of main street where you can feed your babies warm bottles, use high chairs, nurse and change your kids diapers. They have the cleanest and most comfortable changing tables in the park and also little kid size toilets for your potty trainers. Also, while you are there, they have a special map of great things to do with your younger children at Disneyland.

So really the only thing I need to do to tell my fellow Bakersfield moms is- this is completely possible without your husbands! So don't be scared to throw (not literally!) the kids in the car and grab a friend with kids and make the trek for a great Mommy and Me outing! You will not be sorry you did!

 Em and Iz on the Carousel at Disneyland!
Perfect Mommy and Me day!


  1. Wow! I m glad you had fun at Disneyland..I took my kid there a few weeks ago and he loved it!
    Anyway found you through blogfrog and am following you. Hope to see you at my blog and getting to know more about your adventures through your blog!



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