May 13, 2010

Your a 10!

For all those days I doubt how great a mom I am, those days that my patience has gone away. I can look back at this picture and know my kids would give me a 10! For all you other mommy's too- don't be so hard on yourself when you have those rough days. Your the best mom's because you love your kids. Im sure they would give you a 10 also!
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  1. What a cute pic! I saw your post on the PR place and I wanted to let you know that I have a "how to make money blogging" series on my blog right now that might help. It isn't specifically about reviews, but it can get you started! If you have any questions feel free to email me :)

  2. You are the best Mom your kids will ever have.

    I know I am.

  3. What a sweety pie baby- so adorable. Love the jammies! I am your newest follower, following you from Mom Loop! Hope you'll follow me back!

    ps. Where did you find those awesome flashcards! I've been looking but cant find nice simple ones like that one in the picture!



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