June 7, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- Splash Park

Today I planned a day at the splash park for our Mommy and Me Monday activity.  For the last few weeks I have driven past Jastro park and felt like that would be the perfect place for our kids to play.  It has been so quiet with only a few kids running around.  Our schedules just couldn't fit it in until today.  To our dismay though, last week was the end of school.  So of course we arrive with our little ones in tow to find a hectic splash park full of bigger kids.  Not quite the peaceful scene I had first though of.

It is a great activity regardless for toddlers and preschoolers.  If your kids are more accustomed than mine to older kids then it will be a great experience.  The park had enough water to accommodate all the kids that were present.  Sadly our shy kids were not overly interested in playing with all the others.  So on to part 2:

Although the splash park ended up a bust, our mommy day was saved... by a daddy.  (BIG SMILE).  My husband saved the day.  I called from the splash park disappointed and frustrated and he suggested we come home and try out the pool.  He set up a slip and slide and got in the pool so he could be the supervisor.  The kids loved the slip and slide and the pool and ended up having a great day.

I think the bottom line of this day is that in Bakersfield's hot weather, our kids desperately need activities to cool them off.  Most of our kids would be perfectly happy with some friends and a sprinkler, but if you want something more a pool, slip and slide or even the splash park are sure to be a hit.  Keep them cool and keep them happy.


  1. That Splash Park looks awesome! Glad you had a good day!

  2. I'm glad the day turned out so well...hurray for quick thinking dads!



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