June 14, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

My oldest loves to be creative.  Painting, coloring, singing made up songs, etc., you get the picture.  She is always begging me to paint, which because of the mess that follows I save for days when I have an extra amount of patience.  Thankfully for her, that is today!

So the theme is this Mommy and Me Monday is: Painting!  We have these amazing paint sets from Lakeshore Learning that decreases the mess because there is no spilling the paint out of bowls, its all built in.  Another essential in our house is the paint smock, of which we have nice plastic one, but can also be a worn out adult shirt.  These are important for protecting the kids clothing, although most kid friendly paints are not only non-toxic but also washable. 

On a large piece of paper draw common everyday items or a familiar scene, I used the sun and a flower on one piece and fruit on another (her choice).  Let the kids choose what colors to use and see how the scene looks.  At the preschool and toddler age groups we cannot expect the colors to stay in the lines, but what they come up with will look amazing!

Hang their art and let them be proud!


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