July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I love July 4th.  We always spend this day surrounded by people we love, eating, playing and lighting off fireworks.  This year was spent camping all weekend at the coast.  We had an amazing time there and I miss the cool breeze already.  Andy has to work today so we are at home and will be making the fire station an apple pie later!  So look soon for a recipe and pictures!

This was the first time since having Emily I decided to be brave and put on a bikini in public.  It was a hard step for me.  Although I have lost the baby weight, I have stretch marks all over.  I have been embarrassed and ashamed of myself for 3 years.  I thought I was so disgusting looking I didn't need to ever show that part of me again.  I would forever have to cover up.  It was time to embrace the new body and get over my fears.  I nervously stripped down to my bikini and laid down on my towel afraid of people really looking at me.  And guess what?  No one gawked in disgust or looked at me in pity.  No one even noticed or cared.  What a relief.  I may be free from this fear and embarrassment.  Although I was not brave enough for a picture.  That may never happen.


  1. Good for you and the bikini. I still haven't had the courage to put it back on. Have a fun and safe 4th! :)

  2. We had SO much fun! :) I am so proud of you, but not of our sunburns! LOL.



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