July 12, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

This hot weather has sapped all the creative energy out of me.  I am a boring mommy this week.  But today as always I did my best to come up with something to do for Mommy and Me Monday.

Mommy and Me Monday is our weekly trips around town or activities in the home, where once a week I take a few hours out of the day to really focus on the kids, take a breather from chores and responsibility and hang with the ones who matter the most- my kids.

This week we did some box art and balloon art.  I know, at first it sounds weird and boring, but with a little explanation it's cool.

Since we (and almost every other kid in the world) are on a Toy Story kick, I thought about things we could tie back to the movies they love.  So we drew on and painted boxes to be a little town so they could play with their toys in the little town.  In the first Toy Story movie, Andy plays with Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Rex and the rest of the gang in a little town made by boxes.  There was a jail and a bank and some fences I think.  The kids had a great time painting the boxes and soon turned into painting themselves and making a giant mess.

What you need for this craft:
Boxes (preferably blank ones)
Sharpee or black marker

The balloon draw art came after the mess of the boxes.  They got baths and clean clothes and we played inside (where its air-conditioned).  We had lots of balloons left over from Will's party this weekend so we took some and drew faces and animals on them.  I am no artist so be kind...

What you need for this craft:
Non-helium filled balloons
Sharpee or black marker

We made the bee, cow and Minnie Mouse you see above and also a lady bug, cat, princess, silly face and Elmo. I let the kids come up with ideas to draw and crossed my fingers hoping they would find it acceptable. 


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