July 7, 2010

Way Back Wednesday- Prom

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This week's topic:
What Are Your Favorite Memories From Your Prom/Homecoming/School Dance?

I went to most of the school dances.  They were always nerve raking, as I never had a steady boyfriend in high school I could count on for a date, so I was always left hoping to be asked.  Prom was always the best dances for me.  We had a Junior and Senior Prom so I went both years.

I went to both prom's with the same fella, who really, was a bit of a jerk.  Robbie was one of my best friends in high school.  He was the quarterback on the football team and I was a cheer leader.  Very typical.  He was quite handsome and he knew it.  He was a huge flirt.  We were great friends though and I knew all his downfalls already. Junior year he asked me to prom and sometime after that we started "seeing each other", which was a bit less committal than actual boyfriend/girlfriend I guess.  So we went to prom.  I looked great.  I wore this white dress with pink accents.  We had a great time except when he asked if he could dance with other girls and I got all mad.

After junior prom we dated on and off until senior prom.  We went together again but were not a couple at that point.  Senior year I wore a silver dress with rhinestone straps.  I loved it.  Since we weren't dating I think he felt no obligation to me and spent most of the night with other girls and I only got a few dances out of him.  Typical Robbie.  I'm not sure how we got there but as he dropped me off later that night he professed his love to me and told me no one was better than me.  Ech...  No thank you.  I turned him down.

This was not the last of our history.  We stayed friends after high school for a while.  When I met my husband I even introduced them.  Robbie disliked Andy and told me he was better for me and tried to kiss me.  That was finally the end of our friendship.

I am glad those days are over, high school was fun but the life I have now with Andy is better than anything.  The love I get in my home is more than words can describe.  I am a happy woman, blessed with the greatest family and a supportive husband.

So since I think it weird to add a picture of me with another guy into my family blog, I will show you a picture of me in high school.  This is me, I think Junior year.  I really don't know for sure.


  1. Thanks for joining in! Ugh, Robbie sounds full of himself!

    Andy sounds amazing! :-)

  2. You are so cute! :) Andy is lucky to have you!

  3. What a cutie!! I can't get over the fact that he took you to prom but danced with other girls!! What a loser. I'm glad you found Andy. What a lucky guy.



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