August 29, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- Letter Hopscotch

Mommy and Me Monday is a time each week that we spend doing something fun with our kids.  Leave the chores behind and take a few hours out of your day to have some quality time with who matters most- your kids. 

This weeks Mommy and Me Monday is a little mellow.  Today I am having surgery so I'm a little preoccupied.  But we did a little activity a little early anyway.  So this weeks activity is Letter Hopscotch.  This activity is for little letter learners.  It's a fun way to learn and reinforce letters for the preschool aged kids. 

Here is what to do:  Draw large letters in chalk on the ground.  I used sidewalk chalk on our back porch.  Have your child help by naming the letters as you write them.  Then have them find and stand on a letter.  Once they find that letter have them jump to another that you name nearby. 

Em has been doing a great learning her letters, but this is a fun activity for her to reinforce all that new information.  She has a blast!


  1. i would totally do this but we are in typhoon alert =/ .. so passing on by to say hii!!

  2. oh how fun! we are totally going to have to try this!



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