August 1, 2010

Tired Mama

I had to share this little story.

Friday I had an EGD done, which is when they stick a long scope down your throat to check out your stomach.  Pretty gross really, but they sedate you so your unaware.  So Friday morning Andy and I went in for my procedure.  I was out cold by 9 am and the procedure was done by 9:30.  As I was recovering they told Andy I would be more awake and alert in about an hour.  He dragged my so sleepy body home, plopped me on the couch so I could get a little more sleep. 

He waited an hour expecting me to come around.  Little did he know, a tired mama needed to catch up on her sleep, and a drug induced coma was about to follow.  The entire day passed before I finally got myself off the couch for dinner.  I was still tired and groggy, but I even managed to make some cookies after dinner.  The kids went off to bed and I sat down to watch a movie and slept through most of it, went to bed and overslept the next morning when I was supposed to be at work. 

Was it the drugs or was my body just taking advantage of the opportunity for some much needed rest?  Who knows, but the lesson is, don't sedate a tired mama if shes got somewhere to be. 

The end result of all the testing I have been through this week is I have gall stones that will require the removal of my gall bladder.  Kind of a bummer, I was planning on another half marathon in October and I am afraid of not being able to make it. 


  1. Gallstones? Too bad. I am glad that you were able to catch up on some much needed rest though. I'd love to have that day every once and while. Minus the procedure and gallstones of course :)

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Isn't it so sad that we'll take the rest any way we can get it?

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my new header today. I have to keep up with all of the beautiful blogs like yours!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves



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