September 8, 2010

Pillow Case Dress

This was my first attempt at sewing one of these super cute dresses.  I have been seeing them everywhere and love them.  So, finally I got the time to try it out for myself.  I have to say, I was such a great sewing project, so easy and fast.  I love things I can sew in just minutes. 

I didn't use a pillowcase (I sadly don't own any cute ones that I want to cut up) so I used some extra fabric I had in my stack.  Cute, girly, and pink... what more could she ask for.  I think this would have been amazingly fast if I had the pillowcase, but easy regardless.  I used a pillowcase to measure her, folded it where it was too long and too wide.  Once I had the proper measurment I used the folded pillowcase to cute a piece of fabric.  Sewed it up on the sides and bottom, and voila- a Em sized pillowcase. 

So for the top, I cut out arm holes by using a template from which was a print and use thing.  So using that I cut areas for the arms and finished the rest of the hems.  Then after adding ribbon into the top, I was finished! 

I even made a matching bow to finish the whole thing off.  What a great project!


  1. SOOO cute. Thanks for the posting and the idea. I have a 3 yr old and a 16 month yr old little gals!

  2. These are super cute!!!!! I wish I could sew!!

  3. I think its adorable. I have no talent in this area. I couldnt sew to save my life. My husband has to replace buttons on his own shirts.



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