September 23, 2010

Sweet Little B

My new obsession:

My kids love their blankets.  Their "B's" as they call them are their lovies.  They sleep with them, drag them around the house, want them close when they are eating even, and sometimes are allowed to take them out of the house.  Their B's are their comfort.  Both my kids got Little Giraffe blankets that were gifts.  They are so soft and cuddly but also a bit pricey which makes it hard for me to replace.

So I was thinking of a gift to give a friend of mine for her first baby.  She is having a girl.  My kids love their blankies so much, blankets are the perfect gift.  So I decided to hand-make a perfect soft and cuddly blanket for her sweet baby to love.

Once I finished this project, I was in love with this minke blankie.  So I went back to the fabric store and kept going.  I made an all white blanket for my friends son's baptism.  And I made a blue one for Will, just because.  I have been getting so obsessed, I am loving making these.  Now I am thinking about trying to sell some.

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