September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up


This last weekend we went out wine tasting with our friends Sam and Tara in Paso Robles.  I love the central California coast.  It is such a great place.  There are so many great wineries in the area also.  Most of them are small and family owned and some are larger and more well known.  

We took a wine tour with The Wine Line, a van company that drops you off at any winery you wish to go.  They pick you up every 40 minutes to take you to another.  It was the best tour we could have gotten, mostly because we had the choice of which wineries to visit.  At the end of the day we visited about 5 or 6 wineries.  They all had such great wine, and great stories to tell.  

Rotta, one of the oldest wineries in Paso Robles was one of the best places to visit.  They had some exceptional wine and a fantastic woman to share the tasting with us.  Gloria was our guide through the Rotta wine, and she made the experience so much fun.  We not only got some great details about grapes where and how they are grown, but also some funny stories from her life.  She was such a great animated person.  Rotta also has a great tasting list.  They let you taste 12 of their different types of wines.  That is a lot.  Really though, if you are looking for a great wine try out Rotta wine.  Their Zinfandel was great and they have a Port that goes perfect with some dark chocolate.

Thanks Sam and Tarah for such a great weekend away!


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