October 2, 2010

Fall Flu

I love the season of fall.  I brought out my fall decor this week to get excited for the season change even though it is almost 100 degrees outside.  With the new season though, there is a new season of illnesses.  We are on the cusp of flu season, a busy time for mom's trying to keep their homes and famililies healthy.  Will has his first ear infection right now, and I am trying to keep the rest of the family healthy.

How can we keep an illness to one child only? 

There is never a guarentee but there are some steps we could take to make the best attempt to limit the spread of illness.  Wash your hands constantly.  Everytime you touch the sick child, wash your hands.  Have both kids wash their hands often also. 

Keeping the kids away from one another is impossible, but keeping them from touching each others cups, food, forks and spoons is a little more possible.  Teach your kids to cough and sneeze into a tissue and hopefully they will remeber to throw away the tissue. 

Clean often.  Sheets, lovies and toys are aeas that will need most of the cleaning.  Use antibacterial wipes or cleansers often. 

Hopefully these tips will help limit the spread of germs in your house.  It usually works for me, but there really is no guarentee. 


  1. Found you on BLoggy Moms.... totally get you about getting ready for the kids to get sick along with the adults.... I love the RV!!!

  2. Really good tips! I've got 4 kids and sometimes it feels impossible to keep it from spreading. Found lysol wips on the sink taps, door knobs, and flush handle really helpful too. Love the feel of your blog. Will definitely follow!



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