October 26, 2010

Halloween Tutu Dance Party!

We are still stuck in our house with my germy kids, recouping from a wicked illness.  So we had to skip dance class this morning, and Em and I had made a tutu special for today, the class before Halloween.  So instead of wearing it to dance class, we decided to have a dance party inside the house.  There isn't much more fun than rocking out to the kid tunes and getting your grove on!

Here is what our beautiful tutu looked like:

It has purple, orange, and green and a splash of yellow, with a green satin ribbon border and bow embellished with autumn leaves.

Sadly my kids are both sick and cranky and refused to allow me to take some pictures of our great little dance party.  But they had fun when the camera wasn't out. 


  1. So cute...I just started making tutus also...so easy and the girls love them.

  2. great tutu! we love having dance parties too!!!



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