November 30, 2010

Mommy and Me- Cupcakes

This last week we were in Orange County with my family celebrating the holidays. During our stay I decided to plan a little outing for the kids to do something fun. After finding a great web site (go here all my OC friends) which had a great list of fun things to do, I landed upon a place called SweetSpot Baker's Workshop. This cute little bakery (or cupcakery actually) is a place that is a decorate it yourself shop located in the Irvine Spectrum. They make amazing tasting cupcakes in a variety of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, swirl, red velvet, coconut). Then your choose from all different colors of frosting which you put on yourself, then you get to choose from a wall of toppings! Lots of fun, no clean up! Perfect! Next time your near the Spectrum, head over there for a little break and make a cute cupcake!

The kids all had a blast with their cupcakes. They all ended up so different, so unique, so distinctly theirs. They were so proud of their masterpieces. And as Max, my wise 8 year old nephew, put it "Every masterpiece that is edible must be eaten", the cupcakes were gone.

What a perfect outing.


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