December 3, 2010

The Season of Gift Wrapping

If you're a perfectionist like me wrapping presents can be a daunting task. I always try my hardest to make every box look professional.

Last month at our MOPS meeting we had a professional gift wrapper helping us wrap the perfect gift. These are her directions!

The gift we wrapped was an empty box but meant to be given. The tag says this:
"this is a very special gift, that you can never see. The reason it's so special, it's just for you from me. Whenever you are lonely, or ever feeling blue, you only have to hold this gift, and know I think of you. You never can unwrap it, please leave the ribbon tied. Just hold the box close to your heart, its filled with LOVE inside.

How to wrap a gift
1-Make paper length wise
2- put box on side-2 boxes up from the bottom of the page, 7 ½ boxes in from the sides
3-Crease then tape in the middle of the bottom of the box
4-bring top of wrapping paper over the top of the box
5-pull the paper tight and crease each side
6-then pull the paper to the edge whatever hangs over crease then fold under
7-then tape paper edge in three places
8-turn box to face you where open ends are
9-crease side and push down
10-crease each angle and fold in and tape one side
11-then fold in and tape in other side
12-then you should have a triangle at the bottom fold it to the middle and tape
13-do #8-12 again for other side
14-crease all sides again for sharp edges
15-Sit box up with the seam on bottom
16- with sides of the box facing you wrap ribbon under box and bring up on the sides of the box with all the seams you are covering these with the bow. Staple. Cut as close to the ribbon edge as possible

Making Bow
1-Take ribbon, make a loop
2-Then make second loop, wrap ribbon over the top you are making two circles is all not hard!!(you are going in a circle off to a slant Staple in the center, snipping off extra ribbon this is your tye for center of ribbon
3-staple ribbon lengthwise on stapled ribbon on box
4-take tye put thru loop on gift tag
5-take tye and put under the ribbon and bow on box(if you have a pattern on your tye make sure it is facing down)
6-tie ribbon tye in a loose beginning of a knot
7-run on leg of the tye under the ribbon and bring knot around so you don’t see the tied part
8-snip off at an angle
9-fluff bow by putting fingers into each hole and pulling up but not to hard or you will pull out your ribbon


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