January 10, 2011

Busy Mom's Guide to Couch to 5K- The workout

Yesterday's post I wrote about getting the motivation and support needed to train for a 5K, as well as, finding some time to train.  This post will be more about the actual training. 

 Busy moms should have a training plan that is about 9 weeks long.  Each week there are 3 workouts that last about 30 minutes long. When broken down and scheduled, any busy mom can find that small amount of time in their busy weeks. 

Week 1:
This week do a brisk mile walk.  Each day try to walk further and faster. 

Week 2: 
Keep completing the same mile but add a jog interval.  Jog for 1 minute walk for 1 minute. 

Week 3:
With the same mile, change the jog/walk interval.  Add more jogging time and lessen your walk time. 

Week 4:
This week try to add length to the routine, add another half mile.

Week 5:
Continue with the mile and a half routine but change the jog/walk interval again, increasing the jog time, lessening the walk time.

Week 6:
Increase the length of run once again to 2 miles with the same jog/walk interval as week 5.

Week 7:
Try to eliminate the jog/walk intervals, completing to 2 miles with a jog.

Week 8:
Increase the length once again to two and a half miles .

Week 9:
Increase the milage again to 3 miles.

By the end of week 9 you should be up to a 3 mile jog.  Although the 5K is a little longer, adrenaline will take you the rest of the way.  As your fitness goals continue increase your speed during your workouts. 

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