July 19, 2011

A Never Land Party

This year we decided to have a big party for both kids.  A great idea in theory, but can be difficult in theme to keep both kids happy.  We decided on a Never Land theme which can deffinitly satisfy all. 

The party went perfect with pirate lessons, a sword fight with Captain Hook, and a treasure hunt through the neighborhood.  The kids all had a blast!

The house was decorated into parts of Never Land.  Pixie Hollow in the playroom was decorated with large blades of grass and big flowers. That way our flittering fairies would feel so tiny.  We had Pirate Island for all our pirate friends, including a ship banister!  Peter, John, Micheal and Wendy were flying overhead working their way to the clock. 

We had an amazing cake made by Whisk Me Away.  She made us an amazing creation-a perfect treasure chest cake.  It looked amazing an tasted great too!

The kids all dressed up in their favorite Never Land character.  We had Tinkerbelle, Rosetta, Tiger Lilly, Peter Pan, Hook and lots of pirate boys.  They all looked so cute!



Tiger Lilly

Pirate Peyton

Pirate Riley

Captain Hook

Our Little Jake The Pirate

Peter Pan

Pirate Princess Paisley

Little Hook Sean

Following the Treasure Map

There's theTreasure!

Our Whisk Me Away Cake


  1. That cake is great! Thanks for sharing this. I have been thinking about doing a Pirate Girl party for my Princess this winter. I like these ideas.

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  2. I love the cake. The hunt looks like it was a lot of fun to.



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