August 25, 2011

Dirty Thirsty... I mean thirty!

Last week it turned 30.  (Gasp)  Breath!  I know it's so un-lady like of me to reveal my age, but there it is.  Back when I thought 30 was old, I was convinced I would hate my 30th birthday.  Now on this side of the big day I am so happy.  30 is a good age, and I am looking forward to this point in my life.  30 will be an awesome time, with my children and my husband by my side, there is nothing to worry about.

My birthday did turn out to be pretty amazing too.  We took our friends out for a kid-free weekend of wine tasting.  We had a blast in Paso Robles going through winery after winery.  We visited some of the best California wineries: Rotta, Turley, Proulx, Cypher, Clautiere, and Tobin James.  All had such great wines!  The best part was the great company that went with us, our life long friends, Sam and Tara and Greg and Keri.  We love you!


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