September 1, 2011

Boys Love Bugs!

One thing my daughter and I agree on is bugs are yucky.  I am not so lucky with the little guy who thinks bugs are toys, fun to squish and play with.  This freaks me out, just a bit.  Now, I am not one to hide from my fears, but face it head on is not my normal way to do things.  But as we mom's go through motherhood, we do things for our children and get used to things we don't like, purely for the sake of making them happy.  The Bug Museum Insect Lore is just such a place.  Not a place I would go willingly on my own, but with a happy child in tow, I am game.
Lindsay and I headed out to Insect Lore this weekend for a look around with our boys and my sweet girl.  We saw pretty lady bugs and butterflies, ugly hairy tarantulas, and enormous disgusting beetles, yes all alive, thankfully in cages.  My limit was the beetles, I would have run screaming out of the store if one even looked like it could escape.  The true value of the trip was the boys having a great time together.


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