February 23, 2010

A day that never seems to end...

My little ones are not the healthiest little beings right now.  When I woke up this morning I knew Will was worse than he was the previous day.  He is such a sweet boy he was still happy and playing despited his inability to breath.  The only real indication of how bad he really felt was his food strike.  Yes, my little fatty on a food strike.  Weird. 
So for two hours Will and I hung out in the waiting room of the Pedicenter waiting to see a doctor to get him some Albuterol and antibiotics.  Forunately Dr. Lagunda was the doctor on call, a friend from work of whom I have a great working relationship with.  She did a wonderful job getting us in and out fast with a breathing treatment already done.  The bad part was Will hated the breathing machine.  And the prescription is every 4 hours for 7 days.  I can picture myself now, torturing myself and Will to tears to let the little guy breath.  This is going to be a bad week. 
After all that time in the urgent care I came home to eat dinner and get dressed and head off to work.  Where I am now, desperately trying to stay awake until I get home at 8am, yet sick with worry about my two babies at home. 
Emily seems to be feeling better today.  Her fever has stopped and the antibiotic seem to be helping the ear ache.  She was a much happier girl today.  On the brighter side of this illness is it has brought back naps to my house!  From the day we brought Will home, Emily has given up napping.  But this week we have had nap time everyday and I get a much needed break during the day.  It is amazing!  I hope that continues!


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