February 21, 2010

A great morning

I always know its going to be a great and productive day when I wake up leisurely stretching and yawning at (don't be jealous) almost 9 am after having slept (really, don't be jealous) all night, uninterrupted.  Yep, 9 am, two kids still sleeping.  Lucky me!  So by the time Will, the first to wake, got out of bed, I already had my coffee in hand.  I had the kitchen clean, Will nursed, and the living room picked up by the time my late riser, Emily finally dragger herself out of bed at 10.  By 10:30 I had them all fed and the house swept and vacuumed. If only that happened everyday, my house would always be spotless.  I won't count on it.

We had to make a quick trip this morning to the pharmacy to pick up Emily's antibiotics for her first ear infection.  Sweet little girl is so mellow today.  Hopefully she will feel better soon after we get some medicine down her. 


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