February 15, 2010


I was going to enter an essay contest but never ended up sitting down to write.  So now here I am, finding writing all of the sudden as addicting as I found running after a while.  So I think I will do the essay for myself instead. 

I always hoped I could be one of those perfect looking moms who got dressed, blowdied AND curled their hair, got the kids perfectly dressed and ready and were out of the house doing something educational.  Big heavy sigh... that sounds exausting!  From the day Emily came, that image got wisked away and replaced with reality.  I get dressed in whatever is actually clean in my closet, sometimes dry my hair, but never have time to curl, and get Emily dressed in something cute but she wont let me brush her hair anymore, at least Will is fairly easy, for now.  As for leaving the house, sometimes we can manage in the morning.  Once a week we do make it to story time.  But most days its all about morning cartoons, at least they are educational right?! 
So my version of motherhood doesnt fit the original image I had.  Its better.  I dont take time to worry about little things anymore.  So the house is a little messy, but my kids are happy.  My laundry isnt always perfectly pressed, but my kids are healthy.  My hair means very little to me at this point because my kids love me despite the mess on my head.  We may not go out to do many educational outings but they are smart because I take the time to teach them things myself.  A perfect image may never happen in my house, but my life is a perfect as I could hope for.


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