February 20, 2010

Pretty Nails

My Emily hates letting me cut her finger nails.  I have to bribe her everytime with nail polish.  Typical girlie girl.  So today during Wills nap time it seemed like the perfect time to get those nails trimmed... and painted (if I must).  So out comes the trimmer and the polish and we set to the task.  Of course she fights me until I bust out the trusty polish.  Then its all fun and smiles.  " Ooo, so butiful" she says looking at her hands and lucky me, her toes too! 
It got me looking at my own unpainted fingers and toes.  How can my 2 year old have better looking nails than me?  Especially since my toes are still deep purple from the marathon.  So since I thought I would have more time during Will's nap to actually do something for myself, I set about the task of painting my nails.  Toes... check!  "Mommy, so butiful!"  Emily always makes me feel good!  Fingers... che... never mind.  Of course, Will wakes up halfway through my first hand.  Hmm... what to do?  Finish and hope he stops screaming and plays in his crib till I dry?  Or stop now and most likely never get the time to finish.  Tough one.  I dont think I could scar him for life by having pretty (hot pink) finger nails. 
He did calm down by the way.  And I did get to dry.


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