March 11, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training- Day 2

I am so proud of my little girl.  This morning she woke up in a dry bed and went to the bathroom.  That being said, I hate this process.  We have been couped up in this house for 2 days now.  Im going stir crazy.  I can't believe I have another day in this house!  At least tomorrow Andy will be home so I don't feel rushed taking a shower.
So how did day two go?  Well, as I expected, not great.  She deffinitly did worse today.  4 accidents.  Seriously frustrating but I had to stay calm and just tell her good try and move on.  But here I am at the end of the day with the kids in bed, exausted.  My patience has worn out at about the right time, the time they go to bed.  I hope tomorrow brings more success and understanding for her.  I am very proud of her efforts.  Its a lot to take in and learn in a short amount of time.  But she is such a smart and amazing girl I know she will get there. 


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