March 5, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  This week has been full of growing for my little boy.  He started some crawling earlier this week and started pulling himself to standing.  Im afraid he's going to be a big boy soon and I will be without a baby.  That is so sad.  But He wants so badly to keep up with all the other kids, it will be nice to see him play with them soon. 

2.  Andy took his captains test this week!  So we will see in the next few weeks how he did.  It will be a great promotion for him and he is looking forward to it.

3.  Tonight we had a great dinner with friends to celebrate Andy not having to study anymore.  It was so nice to have our favorite families over at our house.  The Crites, the Monges and the Boyers!  The kids had so much fun and stayed up late.  Im so glad to have such great friends. 

4.  Emily is having her friend Alyssa over to spend the night tonight.  Its the first time she has a friend here, and Alyssa's first sleep over!  We are so excited to have her here.  They are being so good, they were so tired from all the excitement and fell asleep right away.  I can't wait till the morning when they wake up together!  Alyssa loves Emily.  She is
already 4 and thinks Emily is a little sister.  Emily is lucky to have such a sweet girl around!

5.  Andy is off for a few days so we are going to be having fun the next few days haning out with our friends.  Im so excited for the weekend!

Emily and Nico
Erin and Isabelle

All the kids
Alyssa and Isabelle

The guys: Javier, Greg, Justin and Andy


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