March 8, 2010

Going through withdrawls

I always thought people were crazy to want to be so connected to their email and internet through there phone.  I judged those people who where always on their phone, practically never looking people in the face, texting and emailing like crazy.  I never thought I would be so addicted to technology.  I always had a very basic cell phone until last October, it made calls, nothing special.  I prefered my real camera to the one on my phone and my phone never had music on it.  Heck, I think I was the only person left without an ipod.  I finally decided it was time to upgrade and got myself the iphone.  I fell in LOVE!  (I know, a little dramatic)  And I guess I became one of THOSE people.   I was constantly playing on my phone, texting like crazy, using the camera like it was a real camera, facebooking all the time, always on my email.  I was addicted.  This last week my phone froze.  Not just once, but all the time.  I can't get the silly thing to work.  So now I am back on my old phone.  This week has been sad.  I have hardly even wanted to use the phone for calls let alone anything else.  I am going through withdrawls.  What am I to so now that I am so disconnected?

1 comment:

  1. I was just telling Isabel yesterday that I have convinced myself that I need an iPhone. Because, you know, I need another addiction. lol



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