March 19, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  This week was another week of illnesses in our family.  First I was sick, then Will, now Emily.  Hopefully it will skip right over Andy.  I am really looking forward to a couple months of great health.  It may be a dream, but I think we have earned it at this point.  Although we have been staying home a lot, the weather has been so great, we have been out enjoying our backyard.  I am so glad to have this great oasis at home!

2.  It has been almost a week since our potty training adventures with Emily.  I am SO thrilled to report she is definitely potty trained!  She has had only one day time accident and a couple at night but even that has been a few days.  I am so proud of her!

3.  As her potty training present we went to get her a tea set.  We painted it earlier this week at Color me Mine.  It was fun and she absolutely loves it!  We picked up the finished product today and she had to play tea party right away.  The gift she really wanted was a ride on a train.  I thought it was funny, she is obsessed with trains right now.  We are going to take her in April for a little train ride.  It should be fun.

4.  We have yet to hear news on Andy's captains test.  It is getting frustrating as we are so anxious to know how he did, but as of today people have started receiving fail notices.  So no news today was the greatest news.  So keep your fingers crossed for another few days at least.

5.  Will has gone from just learning how to crawl and stand a few short weeks ago to being a down right monkey.  There is no limit to what this boy can do.  All the minor safety measures I had been ignoring such as the shoulder straps on his high chair, now are a requirement.  He is going to be a handful!


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