March 22, 2010

Welcome Spring!

This has been a crazy weekend for us here so I have had very little time to write much.  My poor family is still pretty sick  We went from one bug to another and are still struggling to get healthy.  That has not seemed to slow us down much though.  Saturday we had a day full of celebrating the future Mohr baby, first with a baby shower and then a boys poker night.  Andy and Jessica should be well set up for little baby Titus to come.  We are looking forward to another baby around!  Our circle of friends just keeps expanding!  I was so glad everyone loved our diaper cakes.  They turned out great and Erin did such a great job (as always) throwing a party.

On Friday we had Kelly and her friend Tarolyn came into town for the weekend.  Emily loved having her Auntie Telly Tat around.  Then Saturday brought Jim, Max and Ruby in for a visit.  We had so much fun having the cousins around.  Emily and Ruby spent a lot of time in the playhouse pretending.  Max was stuck to the x-box most of the time and wrestled a lot with Andy.  I always love having my brother around.  Ruby decided we should live across the street from them. We had a great time out in the backyard all weekend as the first day of spring came!  We played some croquette games on the lawn and had some barbecue.  Hopefully spring will bring us some healthy kids and great weather.  I am looking forward to getting out to run more with the weather improving.

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