March 15, 2010

Fun Monday

We had quite a little adventure at Color Me Mine today.  I love going there with my kids.  But I think today I bit off more than I could chew.  My friend Erin and I took all three kids with us for their Mommy and Me day.  We each picked out something to paint.  She picked a frame.  Nice and easy craft.  Simple.
I decided on whim to paint her a tea set.  BIG project.  So here is the basis for my decision though.  For the last 6 months or so, Emily has been obsessed with having tea parties thanks to my parents who had an awesome tea set for her at their house. Although she broke it all piece by piece, she loved that tea set.  At our house, however, we have NO tea set.  Sad right?!  Well, instead of a real tea set, she uses my gravy boat.  It looks like a tea pot, sort of, but not the same (that's her in the picture with my gravy boat).  And really, I like my gravy boat.  I would like to have it back... safe... in my cupboard... for my gravy... Anyway, so we started this crazy project.  It was an adorable little tea set, two cups with saucers, a cream cup, a sugar cup, a tea pot, and two food plates.  Whoa, that's a lot to paint right?!  Thank goodness our girls were having fun painting the table and Will was only whining a little in the stroller while I frantically painted away.  I ran from the paint counter to the table and back too many times, and then off to the blow dryer to get it to dry faster.  But, I think it will turn out cute.  Pink with brown polka dots.  So Emily. 


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  2. I think you mean so Carrie, Emily won't care what it looks like, just that she has one. You a great mom, wanting to give her something she loves so much.

  3. It is cool that you have your Mommy-and-Me Day. It's a fantastic way to bond with your kids. Kids should feel and see that their parents are always there to spend time with them. It is very beneficial for their growth development. It is great to see your Emily having fun.



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