March 14, 2010

Fear at the Park

Sorry Candace for telling this story...

So this morning my friend Candace and I walked 3 miles on the bike path to the park with our kids in the jogging strollers.  It was a great walk and it was such a nice day.  While at the park we had 3 kids running around a busy jungle gym, but 2 sets of eyes on 3 kids can be hard when they don't stick together.  At one point Nico (who is 2 and a half) tried to climb a ladder to get to the slides.  Candace told him no and to go around to the stairs.  Then a second later he vanished.  We looked and looked.  He was gone fast.  He was no where to be found in the playground.  A couple minutes pass and we are starting to panic when I spot him sitting at an empty picnic table eating someones lunch.  It was funny.  Everyone who had watched us looking for him started laughing when Candace had to go snatch a sandwich out of his mouth.  Needless to say it was the end of our park outing. 

It got me thinking though.  Are child trackers worth their money?  I looked up one version to see the cost.  It would be $129 for the device and 9.99 a month subscription.  Although we try our hardest to keep our eyes on our kids, do we need that kind of help?  Am I just an over protective paranoid parent or is the world getting scarier?  Something to consider I guess. 


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