March 28, 2010

Time to wean...

I have been struggling with the decision to wean my little porker from breastfeeding.  We have made it to almost 9 months of great breastfeeding and for the first 6 months I pumped extra milk everyday to feed my deep freezer also.  We will still make it to 1 year or longer with our extra storage so he will still have the best diet nature can offer him.  And yet, I feel like I am failing to provide for him. I love our time together nursing but I am craving the freedom.  It's hard to pump at work, it's hard to feed on the go, and I am ready for a real bra.  So, since I worked the last two days and Andy already set up a new routine, I am sticking with it.  I skipped my first nursing for his nap.  Here we go.


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