March 29, 2010

For the Love of Broccoli

I like broccoli, I really do.  My kids however love broccoli.  That makes me happy, don't get me wrong.  Almost everyday my Emily asks, no, practically begs for broccoli.  Now I ask, how do you say no to a kid who wants broccoli?!  I just can't bring myself to do it.  So we eat broccoli, sometimes for lunch, almost every night for dinner.  "Mmm Mmm, delicious!" she says as she gobbles up a plate full of broccoli.  Even Will can't get enough.  I however am less enthusiastic about our culinary repetitiveness.  I long for some mashed potatoes or Brussels sprouts, neither of which the kids will eat.  

I may be bored but I am proud that I have managed to instill some great eating habits at this age, where most toddlers stick to mac and cheese (which Em does love also).  So as food jags go, this is one I can live with.  But I certainly look forward to the next one.


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