April 30, 2010

Five on Friday

This has been quite an eventful week here in the Kennison houshold. 

1.  Andy had his first interview for the captains position.  He has been working so hard, studying, and practicing it is nice to finally get it done.  He did great and we are waiting to see his score which should arrive in the mail next week. 

2.  Emily has finally started feeling better from her strep infection.  It has taken her quite some time to feel better.  She ended up getting a reactive arthritis from the infection.  She will have no lasting side effects but it could take up to months to fully correct itself. 

3.  Will has officially given up nursing.  It is so sad.  A step I was not really ready for.  Even though it was his own decision I cannot help but feel tremendous guilt that I could not make it longer.  He is happy though and that's what matters most.  Fortunately we still have lots of milk to feed him so he will still have the great benefits of breast milk for some time.

4.  I finally got a picture of Will with his first two teeth!  He is now getting the top two also but I am so excited to finally get a picture with teeth!  He is growing up too fast.  Love my boy.

5.  Lastly, I am so excited that little Paisley Mallon Boyer has finally arrived today!  We have not yet had the pleasure of seeing her cute little face, but hope to make it over this weekend.  We are so excited to have this little girl around!  She will be so spoiled.

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