April 28, 2010

Manners at Macy's

I went to the mall today.  By myself with both kids.  That is not an easy task, but I had to go dress shopping for a ball we are going to this weekend.  So to the mall we went, with my big double wide stroller and two impatient kids.  The kids I could handle, the people at the mall were another story.

Manners are a pretty basic thing.  I have started teaching manners to Emily.  I hope she also learns her manners by my actions.  Today, we learned manners by others actions.  We went only to Macy's.  Going directly in the store, instead of through the mall, there is no automatic door opener.  So here I was struggling with the door and my difficult to maneuver stroller, clearly loosing a war with a door.  I probably looked like a total idiot, but whatever, I'm sure we've all been there before.  So these people are walking towards the door from the inside to go out, they see me struggling, even make eye contact, then go for another door.  No, my friends, they did not help.  Lesson one:  hold the door open for others.  Its common courtesy right?  Or am I the only one left who does that?

So after we finally struggle our way into the door we head to the elevator to head up stairs.  As we try to exit the elevator on the second floor people are so rushed to get in I can hardly make my way out.  I know what your thinking.  Maybe they didn't know I was leaving.  No.  They really did.  Lesson 2: Let people off the elevator before you bombard your way in.

So I found a dress and went back downstairs to find some shoes.  As I was looking around the perimeter I came across some women.  They were standing in the isle talking.  I patiently waited on one side for them to move on so I could pass.  The looked at me and the stroller and moved right in front of me to different shoes and stood there talking some more.  Really, I swear, I am not making any of this up.  So there I was stuck by these women who clearly did not care that I was wanting to move.  Lesson 3:  Be aware and courteous of people around you.  Move over if people want to get by.

So thank you people at Macy's!  You really taught my kids some good lessons today.  Thank you for the opportunity to show my kids not to be rude like you.  I couldn't have asked for better examples.  Here is a good article on teaching your toddle manners.  Maybe together we can teach the world better manners, one kid at a time.  Happy Wednesday!
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  2. Darn it, I dont know how my other post got deleted!! hmmm ok so

    Oh my gosh the malls are the worst when it comes to people and manners. It makes me laugh when Gianna is walking around, then people bump into her, and she is the one to say "excuse me". She has been like that since she was 2. It makes me happy that she is so polite, but it really makes me sad that a 2 year old can have more manners than an adult!!!

    I take the girls to the mall all the time its ridiculous how people are so into themselves that they cant even help others out. Its taken me a while but I have mastered a giant stroller through the door without too much of a struggle. haha Also when people want to be stupid and not let you out of the elevator then just yell "get out of the way!" and use that double stroller to your advantage! haha jk

    Your kids are very lucky to have such a wonderful, polite, and caring Mommy <3



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