April 20, 2010

Mom Hair

As I watched this mornings Today show and their segment on 'Mom Hair', I caught myself thinking about my own hair.  Yes, I am caught in the mom hair trap.  Its about shoulder length and almost always back in a ponytail.  Although I have been trying to think of a better style for it, I'm sure it would still end up- well up. 

As mothers we have so many things going on in our day.  From play dates, story time, getting the kids dressed and off to school, chores, cooking and making time with the husband.  It really can be easy to be stuck in the rut where your blow dryer hasn't seen the light of day in weeks.  I wish I could have some amazing enlightened answer as to how to fix this dilemma but I don't.  I do know I feel better and look better when I fix my hair.  And in a postpartum time when all mom's feel unattractive and gross maybe its a good idea to give it a higher priority in my day.  As my sister-in-law Aileen told me once- your hair is an accessory and when your clothes are not fitting right you want people to focus on something you can make beautiful. 

A friend of mine once told me there was no way she would ever not curl her hair or do her makeup.  She (obviously) has not had a baby yet.  She will be having her first in June.  We will see what really happens after that.  I hope she really can manage that feat and teach me how do it too!

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  1. My hair problem is that I always blow dry it and wear it down. Its never up, or any different!!! I borrowed one of those new curling irons from my sister and I have been motivated to actually use it the past few days! Good luck friend, I think you look gorgeous =)



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