May 9, 2010

8 Days a Week- Happy Mothers Day!

Earlier today I was listening to the Beatles song 8 Days a Week and thought it sounds a lot like a mothers love.  We love our children more than time can allow.  There's not enough time in a day or a week to give our kids all the love we feel.  A mother's love in unconditional and powerful. 

A mother's love has a healing quality.  In the NICU they use kangaroo care which is when an infant is placed with only a diaper on the bare chest of the mother.  This kangaroo care improves the outcome of premature babies.   That shows the amazing power of the love of a mother.

Happy mother's day!  Today we celebrate all of us mother's who love their kids 8 days a week.  Your love is amazing.  Happy Mother's Day to my own mommy- you were the best a girl could ask for and more.  I love you!  Happy Mother's Day to my friends- I learn from you all everyday and you make me a better mommy because you are so great.  Happy Mother's Day to everyone- your kids are lucky to have such a great and powerful love to help them and guide them through life.

The Day I became a mom and Emily made my parents grandparents (the 4th time)

                                                   and Andy's parents grandparents.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Carrie! I know from experience the power that kangaroo care has on not only the premature baby, but the mommy too! It is amazing how it feels to hold your baby on your chest and have his breathing calm to match yours, his oxygen saturation go up due to the calming of his respirations, his temperature warm because of the touch of your skin, and to have your precious little baby close to your heart once more.

    A mother's love is unconditional and unmeasurable! The moments that we have with our babies are like no other!



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