May 10, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Our destination for this Mommy and Me Monday activity was Calm: California Living Museum.  In our 7 or so years living here in Bakersfield I had not yet been to Calm, so this was exciting for us.  Calm is a zoo of wild animals that are native to California.  There is many animals to see from reptiles to birds and even bears. 

Our preschoolers had a great time.  Upon entering the zoo the first animal you come across is the porcupine.  He was sweet and very playful, loving the attention from the kids.  The reptile building houses quite a few types of snakes, frogs, lizards and a cute precocious desert tortoise that kept trying to climb to places he just couldn’t get to. 

It is a great relaxing tree lined walk through the area of small birds and animals.  The animals are in cages on the side of the path.  There were many types of birds, a skunk (who had just let off some stink by the smell of him) and a sweet little grey squirrel (the girls favorite in this area).  The squirrel was the most alert and playful animal here.  He was digging and running around. 

The children’s park was great for the kids.  This area is a petting zoo with goats, a donkey, a horse, rabbits, a turkey, and a rooster.  The best part of the day by far, the girls got to feed the goats.  There is a vending machine of animal feed (don’t forget your quarters).  The goats were happy to eat out of our hands but the bigger one’s were pretty pushy.  The hoarse was also very sweet.  She let the girls pet her face.  Hand sanitizer provided! 

The bears was a good attraction to see also.  The kids loved roaring at the bears.  The brown bear was nice enough to wake up for them (although I don’t know how anything could sleep through the racket they were making roaring at them).  The deer were very friendly and got up to meet the kids as we walked by them. 

Throughout the park we were going through all our animal sounds and teaching them new ones.  They had fun and learned about animals.  We ended our day with a picnic in the picnic area where there is also a jungle gym for the kids. 

This is definitely a great activity for kids.  The zoo does have a toddler activity on Thursdays that includes a story time.  Kids under 3 are free, over 3 are $4 and adults are $9.  Check out their web site:

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun day at the zoo! Nice pics!



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